List Names Over 150 Elected Officials, Activists And Community Leaders

  MANCHESTER The Brown campaign announced over 150 Hillsborough County supporters, as the campaign’s grassroots team gains momentum across the state. The list includeselected officials, activists and community leaders.   “Our grassroots team continues to surge, and I am grateful to be supported by a dedicated group in Hillsborough County that is fed up with broken promises in Washington and ready to move our state in the right direction,” said Brown.  “I will keep working hard to spread our message for better jobs, lower taxes and the repeal of Obamacare to restore New Hampshire principles.  Senator Shaheen’s worst nightmare is a unified Republican party, and our team will keep working to win back this seat for our families.”

Name Town
Former Executive Councilor Ray Wieczorek Manchester
Rep. Kathy Stroud Merrimack
Rep. William Infantine Manchester
Former Rep. Steve Stepanek Amherst
Former State Senator Tom DeBlois Manchester
Alderman Dan Moriarity Nashua
Former Alderman David McLaughlin Nashua
Former Rep. Maureen Mooney Merrimack
Former Rep. Ken Hawkins Bedford
Former Rep. Tim Twombly Nashua
Former Rep. Susan T. Clay New Boston
Selectman Linda Twombly Nashua
Alderman Real Pinard Manchester
Alderman Keith Hirschmann Manchester
County Commissioner Carol Holden Amherst
Dan Holden Amherst
Chairman of Board of Selectmen Roger Coutu Hudson
John O'Brien Hudson
Jerry Bird Mason
Bob Rivard Manchester
Bob Barry Manchester
Jose Sanchez Manchester
Paul Denno Milford
Ike Shepard Weare
Paul Schibbelhate Nashua
Jorg Dreusicke Pelham
Omer Beaudoin Manchester
Mike Macleod Manchester
Ed Stebbins Nashua
Andy Leach Manchester
Angela Leach Manchester
Kristy Merrill Manchester
BJ Perry Manchester
Carrie Perry Manchester
Verna Perry Manchester
Karen Lepine Manchester
Mark Leach Hudson
Isabelle Leach Hudson
Leonard Leach Hudson
Fran Leach Hudson
Jim McLaughlin Hudson
John Pepin Bedford
Karen Pepin Bedford
Allison Gnaegy Bedford
Jackie Martone Hudson
Leigh Ann Shriver Manchester
Greg Johnson Amherst
Tricia Mellilo Nashua
Susan Terzakis Bedford
Lenny Dobens Nashua
Barbara Clark Merrimack
Anthony Joppie Goffstown
Paul Clark Merrimack
Rosemary Russell Nashua
Bill Modis Amherst
Ellen Suprunowicz Amherst
Gregory Felice Manchester
Barry Devine Goffstown
Bob Nutile Hudson
Randy Brownrigg Hudson
Kirk McConville Manchester
Stephan Hir Hudson
Noelle Baker Hudson
Judith Van Zilen Brookline
Ernest Ephraimson Francestown
Sean Gaffney Amherst
Georgi Hippauf Nashua
Bob Duffy Nashua
Mike Mitchell Hudson
Mike Petrie Hudson
Donald C. Roy Hudson
Bill Ohm Nashua
Sam Tamposi Nashua
Willard Baker Hudson
Mary Ellen Berg Goffstown
Brad Greenland Merrimack
Cathy Antifant Amherst
Norma Champagne Manchester
Cy Wright Hollis
Eric Gagnon Manchester
Estelle Dion Manchester
Ray Hayes Milford
Christopher McKay, Jr. Hudson
Ashley Stebbins Nashua
PJ Rousseau Hudson
Luke Mertins Hudson
Katy Richardson Goffstown
Kevin Halloran Brookline
Rex Houdyshel Amherst
Bill Belham Milford
Don McCalaren Nashua
Deits Heins Nashua
Pat Rohan Bedford
Luz Rohan Bedford
Patrick Suprunowicz Amherst
Michael Motta Weare
Celeste Desorsiers Nashua
Terry Negron Nashua
Susan Story Milford
Stephen DeLuca Hudson
Katie Horgan Amherst
Jake Ignaszewski Amherst
Jerry Bergeron Nashua
David Staplefond Nashua
Tom Lennon Nashua
Lynn Lennon Nashua
Sharon Crowell Hudson
Sharon Felton Hudson
Paul Chevalier Hudson
Robert Dastin Manchester
Russ Hodgkins Amherst
Chris Barbiasz Temple
Michael Rousseau, Sr. Manchester
Michael Rousseau, Jr. Manchester
Polly Freese Francestown
Steven F. Ordway Nashua
Matt Kozsan Hollis
Charles Peaslee Manchester
Walter Keuenhoff Goffstown
Francesca McKay Hudson
Glenn Martin Temple
Austin Bauer Nashua
Steve Pemberton Bedford
Patrica Pemberton Bedford
Karl Schwab Goffstown
Katherine Deware Amherst
Mary Ann Peters Amherst
Francesca Lopez Brookline
Rachel Norton Hudson
Barbara Biggie Milford
Kristen Freeman New Boston
Ken Miller Amherst
Kent Nolan Goffstown
Victor Goulet Manchester
Ryan Primeau Manchester
Tom Tessier Nashua
Judy Brown Nashua
Steve Brown Nashua
Ed Lecius Merrimack
Dan Owens Brookline
Dan Aiello Nashua
Donald Parrish Bedford
Michael Swinford New Boston
Mary Monty New Boston
Karin Cannon New Boston
George Norton Nashua
Catherine Norton Nashua
Diane Demmer Manchester
Emily Clemons Litchfield
Rick Welsch Bedford
Caitlin Donahue Nashua