Innis For Congress - ICYMI: Dan Innis Visits Lakes Region To Share His Message

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Manchester, NH -- The following article appeared in The Citizen of Laconia newspaper on June 25th.

Innis visits Lakes Region to share his message

By Krista Marrs


LACONIA - Congressional hopeful Dan Innis spent Tuesday traveling throughout the Lakes Region, meeting with prospective voters and listening to the needs of various businesses and industry leaders.

While he understands he is a newcomer and does not have the same name recognition as political veterans, Innis said his plan is to get out on the campaign trail and meet as many voters as possible.

"Washington is broken," Innis said. "Washington's broken because we keep sending the same people to Washington.

"The core issues are the same across about every group," he added. "I believe in fiscal responsible government that isn't any larger than it needs to be."

Innis started the morning with a tour of the Lakes Region Community College in Laconia and meeting with members of the Belknap Economic Development Committee before making a visit to The Citizen's business office before lunch, followed by an afternoon tour of Gunstock Mountain Resort in Gilford.

The first in his family to attend college, Innis prides himself on the fact that he is a businessman that will bring a fresh approach to the political scene.

With 23 years of higher education experience, Innis has served as the dean of the business and economics school at the University of New Hampshire for nearly seven years. He co-founded and operates The Hotel Portsmouth in downtown Portsmouth.

He lives in Portsmouth with husband Doug Palardy, and is the father of three children - Benjamin, Nicholas and Emily.

"I firmly believe I'll be different. Never in my life have I compromised my values and my principles," he said.

When talking to voters, Innis said the priorities he feels that need to be addressed include getting the federal budget and deficit under control, flattening and simplifying the tax codes system, and working to reduce the corporate tax in order to make local businesses more competitive in the global market, as Innis believes excessive regulation is slowing business growth. He also wants to address "Obamacare," which he said has constantly changing laws and is creating headaches for businesses that don't know what to expect.

Innis said he is different than his Republican primary opponent Frank Guinta, who formerly served as Congressional Representative for District 1, in that Guinta has the political experience - but experience doesn't always make for the best option.

"We need to get away from politics as usual," Innis said, adding that voters already ousted Guinta from office once as a sign of their disapproval of the job he had done.

The seat is currently held by Democratic Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter.

Innis said he has received a "very positive response" from voters he's spoken with during his visits.

"The big struggle is I am a political unknown. I need to work hard to meet as many people as I can," he said. "It's tough. It's different than anything I've ever done, but I'm enjoying it."

Innis will square off in the Republican primary on Sept. 9. If he wins, Innis will move on to the general election in November to face Shea-Porter.