Rubens For US Senate - Bombing ISIL is Wrong Path to Take in Iraq

 My op/ed on the next steps the United States should take with regards to Iraq appeared in today's Concord Monitor:

Recent upheaval in Syria and Iraq spotlights President Obama's dangerously haphazard military and foreign policy strategy in the Middle East. The United States is weakened in the eyes of both our allies and our enemies, making us appear irresolute and confused.

Just nine months ago, with Sen. Jeanne Shaheen's support, the president asked Congress to back his ill-conceived "redline" bombing war against Syria, designed to weaken Syrian President Bashar Assad by strengthening the rebel militants seeking to overthrow him. Among those militant groups we had been helping is the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

Over past weeks, ISIL has turned against us and has used the weapons and training we provided them in Syria to gain control of a large swath of Syrian and Iraqi territory. Over this past weekend, ISIL has driven Iraqi forces back to Baghdad where they have concentrated in an effort to hold the capital. Now, some "hawks" in Washington want to redirect our bombs against ISIL.

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