WINDHAM - Today, Scott Brown kicked off the "Making Energy Affordable" tour at Waterhouse Country Store in Windham to talk with motorists about high prices at the pump and his newly released energy plan aimed to increase supply and lower costs for families and businesses.
"As we head into the summer, hardworking families remain frustrated with high prices at the pump," said Brown.  "I support an all of the above approach that will keep more money in our wallets and help families plan for the future.  With prices already too high, I oppose Senator Shaheen's national energy tax that will cost thousands of jobs and increase gas prices up to 20 cents per gallon."
Brown’s plan would focus on increasing domestic production, promoting energy efficiency, and supporting renewable energy production through an “all of the above” approach.  This approach includes efforts to rein in the EPA's regulatory power through stronger Congressional oversight and passing the Keystone pipeline to create good-paying jobs and reduce our reliance on foreign sources of energy.
“Many of my customers have been coming here for years, and they are increasingly frustrated with expensive fuel costs that hit their wallets hard," said Kevin Waterhouse, owner of Waterhouse Country Store.  "Our country needs a sound energy policy to drive down prices and encourage energy independence so people can save more each time they fill up their tanks.  I appreciate Scott Brown's efforts to secure affordable energy."
This week, Brown will continue to tour the state to talk with homeowners and tour businesses to discuss his affordable energy plan.

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