Guinta For Congress - Releases its List of Team Leaders in Every Town in CD-1

Today, Team Guinta reaches an important milestone: releasing its 14th consecutive week of endorsements and announcing that every town in the First Congressional District has been filled with a team leader.

Frank Guinta released the following statement:

“There is no substitute for hard work, and we have proven we will work tirelessly for every bit of support we receive. Carol Shea-Porter believes power ought to reside in Washington, with bureaucrats. We disagree. Our Campaign will be a street by street, town by town, and county by county effort that focuses on putting power back into your hands. Our message of limited government is resonating across the District and we will continue putting forward solutions that will fix our broken health care system while protecting and strengthening the middle-class.”


Josephine Howland, Chair of the Albany Planning Board, Albany
Jack Rose, Selectman, Albany
Kelly Robitaille, Selectman, Albany
Honorable Jim Headd, Auburn
Alan Cote, Vice Chair Planning Board, Auburn
Rep. Dan Dumaine, Auburn
Kathleen Dumaine, Delegate, Auburn
Andrew Houle, Selectman, Barnstead
Rep. Elaine Swinford, Barnstead
Honorable George Lovejoy, Barrington
Len Turcotte, Delegate, Barrington
Fred Bussier, Selectman, Barrington
Jennifer MIller, Delegate, Barrrington
Gene Chandler, GOP House Minority Leader , Bartlett
Henry F Villaume,VP and Dir. Small Business Association of New England, Bartlett
Honorable Laurie Pettengill, Bartlett
Margaret Lavender, Planning Board, Bartlett
Shannon McGinnley, Conservative Activist, Bedford
Sen. Andy Sanborn, Bedford
Honorable Ray White, Bedford
Ken Solinsky, Entrepreneur, Bedford
Warner Lund, Former Chair of Bedford GOP, Bedford
Rep. Keith Murphy, Bedford
Sean Van Anglen, Delegate, Bedford
Rep. Ken Hawkins, Bedford
Rob Wieczorek, Small Business Owner, Bedford
Bill Van Anglen, Conservative Activist, Bedford
Michael Izbicki, Former Town Council Chairman, Bedford
Rep. John Graham, Bedford
Fred Wells, Belmont Budget Committee Member, Belmont
Norma Patten, Budget Committee, Belmont
Ken Christiansen, Selectman, Brentwood
Robert Mantegari, Selectman, Brentwood
Rep. Bill Nelson, Brookfield
Gary Ciccarone, Planning Board, Brookfield
Nick Mignanelli, Delegate, Campton
Rep. Joe Duarte, Candia
Dean Young, Fire Chief, Candia
Fred Kelley, Selectman, Candia
Amanda Soares, Selectman, Candia
Wayne McAllister, Town Selectman, Chatham
Richard Leblanc, Selectman, Chester
Dr./ Rep. Joseph Hagan, Chester
Stepehn Landau, Selectman, Chester
Frank Hastings, Conservative Activist, Conway
Honorable Frank McCarthy, Conway
Carl Thibodeau, Selectman, Conway
Jim LeFebvre, Former Chairman Budget Committee, Conway
Terry McCarthy, Budget Committee Member, Conway
Honorable Crow Dickenson, Conway
Rep. Betsy Sanders, Danville
Shawn O'Neil, Chairman of the Selectmen Committee, Danville
Rep. Brian Chirichiello , Derry
Councilor Phyllis Katsiakores Derry
Rep. Jim Webb, Derry
Michael Fairbanks, City Councilor, Derry
Rep. Bob Fesh, Derry
Mark Osborne, Town Councilor, Derry
Catherine Cheney, City Councilor, Dover
Former Congressional Candidate Mike Castaldo, Dover
Honorable David Scott, City Council at large candidate, Dover
Honorable Donald Andolina, Dover
Claude Malo, Delegate, Dover
Paul Butler, School Board, Dover
Doris Grady, School Board, Dover
Doc Fletcher, President, Nam Knights MC, Dover
Warren Smith, Former Durham Committee Chair, Durham
Ron Morailes, Selectman, E. Kingston
Veda Polletta, Conservative Activist, East Kingston
Erin Pettinato, School Board Member, East Kingston
Aaron Blake, Selectman, Eaton
Don Bacich, Selectman, Eaton
Randy Burbank, Fire Chief, Effingham
Joe Foley, Chairman of the Planning Board, Epping
Sen. Russell Prescott, Exeter
Frank Ferraro, Fmr. Selectman State Rep Candidate, Exeter
Anne Surman, Selectman, Exeter
Dennis Brady, Selectman Candidate, Exeter
Sen. Sam Cataldo, Farmington
James Golden, NH VFW State Commander, Farmington
Matthew Scruton, Selectman, Farmington
Josh Whitehouse, State Rep. Candidate, Farmington
Jim Horgan, Selectman, Farmington
Frank Evitts, Health Officer, Freedom
Craig Niiler, Zoning Board Member, Freedom
Rep. Mark McConkey, Freedom
Scott Boisvert, Vice-Chair Fremont Zoning Board, Fremont
Mike Rizzoti, Delegate, Fremont
Gus Benavides, Selectman, Gilford
Rep. Dick Burchell, Gilmanton
Brett Currier, Selectman, Gilmanton
Elena Ball, NHGOP Committee Member, Gilmanton Iron Works
CDR. Peter Burdett, Gilmanton Iron Works
David Russell, Former State Rep, Gilmanton Iron Works
Nicholas Campasano, Selectman, Goffstown
Kent Nolan, School Board, Former Department Commander, Goffstown
Pam Manney, Former Goffstown Republican Chair, Goffstown
Honorable Russell Day, Goffstown
Claude Laroche, Small Business Owner Liberty Press, Goffstown
Rep. Pam Tucker, Greenland
Michael Fitzgerald, Conservative Activist and veteran
Vaughn Morgan, Selectman, Greenland
John Penacho, Chair of Selectman, Greenland
Peter Magg, Board of Directors Hales Location Owners Association
Dick McClure, President Hales Location Owners Association, Hales Location
Jack Thomas, Chair Town GOP Committee, Hampstead
Natalie Gallo, School Board, Hampstead
Rep. John Sedensky, Hampstead
Jorge Mesa-Tejada, Former Town GOP Chair, Hampstead
Sharleen Hurst, Delegate, Hampton
Rep. Tracy Emerick, Hampton
Honorable Ken Sheffert, Hampton
Lee Hurst, Delegate, Hampton
Honorable Chris Nevins, Hampton
Mike Zaino, Assistant District Attorney Hillsborough, Hampton
Rep. Fred Rice, Hampton Falls
Frank DePeters, GOP Town Chairman, Hampton Falls
Lou Gargiulo, State Rep Candidate, Hampton Falls
James Stevens, School Board, Hampton Falls
Joe Kelemen, Small Business Owner, Harts
Rep. Tom Walsh, Hooksett
Rep. Frank Kotowski, Hooksett
Nancy Comai, City Councilor, Hooksett
George Longfellow, Former Town Councilor, Hooksett
Richard Marshall, NHPC Member, Hooksett
David Ross, Town Councilor At-Large, Hooksett
Paul Chevalier, VFW National Legislative Committee, Hudson
George Howard, Former Selectman, Col. USAF, Jackson
Dick Bennet, Planning Board, Jackson
Honorable Glenn Ritter, Kensington
Rep. Ken Weyler, Kingston
Rep. Kevin St. James, Kingston
Rep. David Welch, Kingston
Peter Broderick, Selectman, Kingston
Honorable John Flanders, Kingston
Roland Maheu, Fmr. City Councilor Ward 6, Laconia
Judith Krahulec, Former City Councilor, Laconia
Rep. Robert Luther, Laconia
Tom Tardif, Candidate for City Council, Laconia
Rep. Donald Flanders, Laconia
Rep. Frank Tilton, Laconia
Rep. Betsy McKinney, Londonderry
Rep. Sherm Packard Londonderry
Rep. Dan Tamburello, Londonderry
Rep. Bob Introne, Londonderry
Marty Bove, Town Councilor, Londonderry
Martin Srugis, Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission, Londonderry
Wayne MacDonald, Former State GOP Chair
Rep. Karen Hutchinson, Londonderry
Honorable Greg Carson, Londonderry
Bruce Hodsdon, Chair of Selectman, Madbury
Josh Shackford, Selectman, Madison
Rep. Andre Martel, Manchester
Former Executive Councilor, Ray Wieczorek, Manchester
Honorable Win Hutchinson, Manchester
Rick Dumont, Business Owner, Manchester
Joe Whitten, Fmr. Aldermanic Candidate, Manchester
Rep. Will Infantine, Manchester
Carlos Gonzalez, Former Rep Mayoral Candidate, Manchester
Andy Crews, President Auto Fair, Manchester
Rep. Larry Gagne, Manchester
Rep. Kathleen Souza, Manchester
Honorable Matt Swank, Manchester
Honorable Emile Beaulieu, Manchester
Honorable Tom Deblois, Manchester
Chuck Therrien, Secretary and Treasurer, Ward 2 Manchester
Tom Robert, Former Alderman, Ward 11 Manchester
Chip Gardner, Conservative Activist, Manchester
Siobhan Tautkus, Conservative Activist, Manchester
Honorable Dick Danais, Manchester
Judith O'brien Thayer, Former Chairman of the State Board of Education, Manchester
Pam Smith, Conservative Activist, Manchester
Bob Dastin, Brigadier General Air National Guard, Manchester
Lisa Swank, Delegate, Manchester
Honorable Omer Beaudoin, Manchester
Ed Mosca, Former MRC Chair, Legal Council for NH House, Manchester
Victoria Sullivan, State Rep. Candidate, Manchester
Jordan Gamache, State Rep Candidate, Manchester
Ronnie Schlender, Conservative Activist, Manchester
Hank Simpson, Former Aldermanic Candidate, Manchester
Bob Rivard, Register of Probate, Manchester
Chuck Stephen, Small Businessman, Manchester
Lloyd Doughty, Retired Sergeant MPD, Manchester
Jean Esslinger, Former MRC Chair, Manchester
Lisa M. Freeman, School Board Candidate, Ward 5 Manchester
Christine Infantine, Former Manchester School Board Candidate/Activist, Manchester
Eric Fischer, Former School Board Representative, Manchester
Russell Bilodeau, State Commander, Manchester
Rep. Robert Greemore Meredith
Rep. Colette Worsman, Meredith
Steve Nadeau, Former State Rep, Meredith
Hillary Seeger: USAF, Selectman Meredith
David Kutcher: USMC, Small Business Owner Meredith
Rep. Jeanine Notter, Merrimack
Rep. Tony Pellegrino, Merrimack
  Honorable Maureen Mooney, Conservative Activist, Merrimack
Jim Whitney, J-Dubbs Small Business Owner Manchester, Merrimack
Tom Koenig, Town Councilor, Merrimack
Rep. John Mullen, Middleton
Honorable Carol Vita, Middleton
Michael Beaulieu, Zoning Board of Adjustment, Milton
Andy Crone, School Board Member, Milton
Russell Wakefield, Selectman, Moltonborough
Gary Torressen, School Board, Moltonborough
Marjorie Smith, Conservative Activist, New Castle
Robert Kroepel, Former State Rep Candidate, New Durham
Valerie Fraser, Selectman, New Hampton
Jerry Busby, First Fire Chief Sandwich, New Hampton
James Thompson, Selectman, Newfields
Sally Staude, Delegate, Newington
Jan Stuart, Chairman Board of Selectman , Newington
Ernest Brown, Jr, School Board, Gov. Wentworth, Newington
John Bentley, Town Councilor, Newmarket
Honorable Wes Shuler, Newton
Honorable Ron Dupuis, North Hampton
Henry Marsh, School Board Member UNH Wrestling Coach, North Hampton
Brian Stucker, Fmr. GOP Town Chair, Nottingham
Jordan Osgood, Conservative Activist, NH YR Board, Nottingham
Rep. Romeo Danais, Nottingham
Mark Carpenter, Selectman, Nottingham
Kathleen Maloney, GOP Chair, Ossipee
Barron Roy, Planning Board, Ossipee
Bob Freeman, Selectman, Ossipee
Peter Zavas, Selectmen's Representative, Ossipee
Ed Hale, Conservative Activist, Plaistow
Christian Callahan, Former Senate Candidate, Business Owner, Porstmouth
John Lyons, Business Owner, Portsmouth
Renee Plummer. Business Owner, Portsmouth
Rep. Frank Bishop, Raymond
Rep. Kathleen Hoelzel, Raymond
Harry McClard, Planning Board, Raymond
Tina Thomas, School Board, Raymond
Mike Kappler, Delegate and Navy Veteran, Raymond
Gary Brown, Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission , Raymond
George Pelletier, Business Owner, Rochester
Randy Bowen, Former Chair Rochester City Republican Committee, Rochester
Rep. Steven Beaudoin, Rochester
Mac Kittredge, City Councilor, Rochester
Honorable Fred Leonard, Rochester
Tom Kaczynski Jr. Vice-President Rochester Concerned Taxpayers Association, Rochester
Rep. James Twombly, Rochester
Honorable Julie Brown, Rochester
Arthur Capello, Selectman, Rochester
Ralph Torr, City Council, Rochester
Honorable Fenton Groen, Rochester
Jeff Chidester, Conservative Activist, Rochester
Dan Wensley, Delegate, Rochester
David Walker, City Councilor, Rochester
Laura Jones, State Representative, Rochester
Bernie McKay, Conservative Activist, Rochester
Gary Terhune, Former NH President of MOAA, Rye
Jerry Gittlein, Conservative Activist, Rye
Joan Gittlein, Conservative Activist, Rye
Frank Drake, Rye Beach District Rep Budget Committee, Rye
Tom Pearson, Conservative Activist, Rye
Guy Giunta, Selectman, Sanbornton
Rep. Dennis Fields, Sanbornton
Donald Bormes, Planning Board Chairman, Sanbornton
Honorable Bill Tobin, Sanborton
David DeVoy, Delegate, Sanborton
Rep. Jim Devine, Sandown
Brenda Copp, Former Selectman, Sandown
Louis Burnelle, Fire Chief, Sandwich
Rep. Aboul Khan, Seabrook
Honorable Al Weare, Seabrook
Harold Guptill, City Council Candidate, Somersworth
Honorable Matt Spencer, Sommersworth
Ken Bolduc, School Board Member, Sommersworth
James Rowan, School Board At-Large, Sommersworth
Gail Harrington, Owner Black Magic Horse Farm, South Hampton
Cornelia Courtney, Zoning Board, South Hampton
Honorable Michael Harrington, Strafford
Greg Messenger, Highway Agent, Strafford
Bruce Patrick, School Board, Strafford
Kurt Wuelper, Pres. NH Right to Life, Strafford
Rep. Pat Abrami, Stratham
Honorable Rogers Johnson, Stratham
David Canada, Selectman, Stratham
Susan Canada, Conservative Activist, Stratham
Bruno Federico, Selectman, Stratham
Eric Von der Linden, School Board Member, Stratham
James Hidden, Selectman, Tamworth
Donald McGarity, Captain of the Rescue Squad, Tamworth
Daniel Poirier, Police Chief, Tamworth
Ann McGarity, Librarian Trustee, Tamworth
Rep. Glen Cordelli, Tuftonboro
Beverly Bruce, Conservative Activist, Tuftonboro
Michael Phelps, Chair of Conservation Committee, Tuftonboro
Honorable Joe Fleck, Wakefield
Honorable Rod Cools, Wakefield
Fred Clough, Road Agent, Wakefield
Barbara Schnurbush, Deputy Town Clerk, Wakefield
Debbie Rowan, Delegate, Wakefield
Pat Fleck, Past Treasurer North Country Federated Republican Women, Wakefield
Rep. Steve Schmidt, Wolfeboro
Lorna Avery, Delegate, Wolfeboro
Rep. Chris Ahlgren, Wolfeboro
Luke Freudenberg, Conservative Activist, Wolfeboro
Bob Bird, Conservative Activist, Wolfeboro
Steve Stepanek, Former Deputy Majority Leader