NHDP - Brown Claimed To Be “Relaxing” While He Was Actually Cashing In

Phony Rhetoric Can’t Hide The Fact That Brown Has Lined His Pockets Since Leaving Senate

Concord, NH— Scott Brown hasn't been honest with voters about what he has been doing since voters tossed him out of office.  The Boston Globe revealed he joined the advisory board of a shady Florida-based company that experts have warned is “very, very risky” for investors. For his involvement, Brown received $1.3 million in stock. No one knows how much he’s made by cashing in, because Brown has not filed his personal financial disclosure form. 
“Brown continues to push phony statements about how he has been ‘relaxing’ and ‘recharging’ in the last year, but we now know the truth—he was raking in cash from a shady company. And we don’t even have the whole story,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “We know Brown got a big paycheck last month when he spoke to a hedge fund conference. What else is he hiding? New Hampshire voters deserve to know how Scott Brown has been cashing in since leaving office.”
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Brown told WMUR’s James Pindell that he was “focusing on resting, recovering” in his time off. He told Neil Cavuto at Fox News that he was going to “recharge the engines.” And he told WMUR’s Josh Mcelveen that he was “glad that [he] was able to take a year plus off because it gave [him] a chance to learn and grow as a man.”
Yet according to the Boston Globe, Brown has had questionable and lucrative dealings with a shady Florida company:
·     Scott Brown received stock worth $1.3 million from Global Digital Solutions, Inc. (GDSI), which announced with great fanfare that the former Massachusetts Senator would be joining its advisory board.

·     GDSI was founded as a beauty supply company in New Jersey, then the firm reinvented itself as a wireless data firm in California, then as a firearms maker and gun technology innovator in South Florida.
·      Despite current claims it is a firearms company, GDSI has “no revenue, no patents, no trademarks, no manufacturing facilities, and no experience developing weapons.” The firm has “scant assets and a shifting business model" and reported having four employees, $271,776 in cash and $19.7 million in losses as of March 31 of 2014.

·      The Boston Globe interviewed several accountants that confirmed that GDSI’s filings raised a number of serious red flags for investors. Howard M. Schilit, author of the book “Financial Shenanigans: How to Detect Accounting Gimmicks & Fraud in Financial Reports” confirmed that GDSI “is a very, very risky company for anybody to invest.” A lead lawyer at the SEC confirmed that the company’s actions raise issue that would concern regulators.

·      Brown has failed to file a financial disclosure form that would reveal how much money Brown made as a Fox News commentator, as part of a big Boston lobbying and law firm, as a paid speaker, and as a member of other corporate boards.