NHDP - Havenstein Campaign Tail-Spin Continues, Demotes NH Advisors in Favor of Koch Brothers Operative

Havenstein Campaign Tail-Spin Continues, Demotes New Hampshire Advisors in Favor of Koch Brothers Operative
Concord, NH— A weekend report on the right-wing NHJournal.com website revealed that after “growing frustration" over his campaign’s “several weeks of difficulty,” Walt Havenstein has opted to demote two New Hampshire political operatives in favor of campaign manager Matt Seaholm. Like Maryland multimillionaire Walt Havenstein himself, Seaholm is a recent import to the Granite State, having previously served as an operative for the Koch brothers’ main political arm, Americans for Prosperity. 
“In his disastrous campaign for governor, Maryland’s Walt Havenstein has not only proven that he’s painfully out-of-touch with Granite State values and will take our state in the wrong direction, but he has also displayed a stunning lack of basic knowledge about the Granite State,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. "If Havenstein thinks that leaning more heavily on the Koch brothers and their anti-middle class agenda is the right prescription for his ailing campaign, then he's even more wrong for New Hampshire, our economy and our families than we already thought."
The report goes on to detail Havenstein’s “several weeks of difficulty,” including -- but not limited to -- his “dissing of Department of Resources and Economic Development Director Jeffrey Rose, his weak explanation for it, and his lack of understanding of how the constitutional amendment process works at the State House.”
“Call it a ‘tweak,’ a ‘re-focusing’ or whatever you want,” added McClain. “Shuffling around his political operatives will not change the fact that Walt Havenstein puts himself and the Bill O'Brien-Koch Brothers agenda first, not the people of New Hampshire.”