Rubens For US Senate - Former Granite State Taxpayers Chairman Endorses Jim Rubens


Among the five Republicans running in the primary to replace Jeanne Shaheen for US Senate, Jim Rubens stands out as by far the most qualified and I enthusiastically endorse him.

I served as Chairman of Granite State Taxpayers Association during Jim's time in the State Senate and had the privilege of working closely with him to secure passage of key pro-taxpayer legislation. Foremost among GST's priorities was enactment of SB-2 "all day" voting for towns and school districts. GST had waged the fight to pass this legislation for years, but it was not until Jim was elected and stepped forward to lead the fight that we were able to prevail against the powerful unions and pro-spenders that opposed us. SB-2 allows citizens to vote on school and town spending measures in the privacy of a voting booth at a time of day convenient to each voter.

He defied the odds and got a bill passed to end lifetime teacher tenure, a bill which unfortunately was vetoed by then-Governor Jeanne Shaheen. Jim championed passage of New Hampshire's charter school law. There are now 22 New Hampshire charter schools, providing parents choice among schools, improving student outcomes, and proving that quality schools can operate at half the cost of traditional public schools.

For these successes, Granite State Taxpayers named Jim Rubens its State Senator of the Year in 1996.

Now, our nation faces its most serious fiscal imbalance since the end of WWII. Taxpayers face an impossible mountain of $100 trillion in national debt and unfunded liabilities. For years, business-as-usual politicians in both parties have ignored the problem, and loaded more and more debt on the backs of future taxpayers, our kids and grandkids.

It will require a Senator with Jim's leadership, intelligence, persuasive abilities, and firm commitment to conservative principles to resolve this.

Finally, I urge Karen Testerman and Bob Smith, who are also running for this US Senate seat, to withdraw their candidacies and endorse Jim Rubens. If they fail to do this, I fear that Republicans will get stuck with Scott Brown as our nominee and he will go down in flames against Jeanne Shaheen because he gives conservatives no reason to vote for him. Brown voted with Republicans only 38% of the time while in the US Senate. Brown was the deciding vote on the anti-small business Dodd-Frank law and one of only three Republicans to vote to increase the national debt.

Please join me in supporting Jim Rubens for US Senate.


Roy H. Stewart, Bedford