Testerman For US Senate - A week with Karen 800 miles in 4 days

Monday, June 2, 2014
Dear friend, 

I have been zigzagging the state form New Boston

 to North Country  where I met Kathy Daley 

at the Upper Connecticut River Valley Hospital and heard about the horrifying effects Obamacare has had on her community in Colebrook. Kathy said all we want to ask patients is "How can I help you" not "Where did you buy your insurance"


Next Stop Le Rendez Vous French Bakery where the owner Marc Ounis said times are hard with the bad economy, looking forward to better times. 






Down the road a piece was family owned  

D & E Screws Machine Products were  

Dan, Rob& Leslie Eldrich employ 15 machinists.  They fear that the cost of their employee  health insurance may

              become too expensive.  


 Colby Commons hosted  

the North Country  Town Hall were once again the concerns about health care were an issue. 


Ducret's Sporting Goods shop owner spoke of background checks  can hinders sales due slow response time.redundancy with the state of New Hampshire and the Federal Government with 

The day was so  beautiful I just had to shoot up to Pittsburgh to visit Peter Dube at Dube'sPittstop. The Dube's were hopeful that the good weather  will bring the tourist.

Then the fun started visiting the Dalton Gang Shooting Range with Don & Nancy Mooney where plans were made for a fun filled morning for a Testerman Shootout Fundraiser. 

Save the Date - July 3rd.   Details will follow but get locked and loaded be ready for a great day in the mountains!

Oh,  I almost forgot we had a fantastic fundraiser at Molly's in
New Boston. Thank you everyone for a successful event.  

P.S. Today, I need you to help me become your next U.S. Senator from New Hampshire by donating $20 today or volunteering your time!

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Be in prayer.  Be informed.  Be involved.
Upcoming Events - Bring a Friend

Tuesday, June 3 
- Exeter GOP Meeting
Time: 7:00 PM
Where: The Major Blake Hotel
24 Front Street, Exeter

Wednesday, June 4 - Bedford GOP Picnic
Time: 6:00 PM
Where: Riddle Brook School
New Boston Road, Bedford
Thursday, June 5 Salem GOP
Time: 7:00 PM
Where: Kelley Library
Main St., Salem