A PEOPLE'S and CITIZENS' CONGRESS [PaCC] has begun a first-of-its-kind
survey of candidates for Congress in battleground states and swing
districts. These include the entire set for both U.S. Senate and U.S.
House seats representing New Hampshire.

These candidates receive a number of questionnaires from various interest
groups to assess where they stand on a number of issues featured in the
media. Trouble is, this traditional approach falls short at a time when
there's a widespread feeling that “The system is broke!”. So, ISSUE #1 is
how to fix Congress-as-an-institution, not just how a candidate will vote
when and if he or she gets a chance to vote on a piece of legislation. The
typical set of survey questions doesn't begin to assess candidates'
appreciation of most people's alienation from politics, let alone the
implications for the job they're seeking.

Yet, the stock answer to the lead charge “The system is broke” is that
“Only “We the People” can fix it.” In a working democracy this is true,
but standard questionnaires also don't address this. Enter our survey.
It's based on the assumption that we need to elect a truly new brand – a
new kind of Member of Congress – who would not only represent constituents
but empower them. Thus, the main thrust of our questions is to find out
how candidates would fulfill these goals.

Once we get responses, we grade and rank them on their responsiveness as
to “how.” and broadcast the survey results to voters. Because, hopefully
sooner rather than later, if we don't get a Congress that is willing and
able to tap into the collective intelligence and wisdom of “We the
People”, we don't stand a chance of solving our most critical, long-run
problems. Then, all bets are off for the survival of our great republic
and the success of its special American experiment.

Thus the future is now.