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Shaheen's troubling financial interests


Senator Jeanne Shaheen spent her week trying to explain reports in a Boston Globe story about her troubling financial interests, which conflicted with her vote for the $787 billion stimulus program and her and her husband's personal financial ventures.


The full Boston Globe article can be read HERE. In short, Senator Shaheen and her husband had a financial stake in a company that received federal stimulus funding. In addition, the senator's husband, who runs one of New Hampshire's most powerful lobbying firms, apparently operated a 'stimulus opportunities team' to help clients get federal money dolled out after our legislators in Washington enacted the stimulus program.


It is important to note that throughout the article, Senator Shaheen and her husband refused to answer multiple questions about these new revelations.


In reaction to Senator Shaheen's apparent conflict of interest, Charlton Copeland, the former chair of the Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics and Public Trust and a professor at the University of Miami, said the report "absolutely is a concern."  He continued by stating, "it raises questions because so much of the work of this kind of policymaking takes place outside of the specter of the public eye."

As the week progressed, Senator Shaheen faced more criticism, as statements in the Boston Globe article regarding stock options were inconsistent with her personal financial disclosure form. Due to media scrutiny, she was forced to amend her financial disclosure form by the end of the week.

The fact that Senator Shaheen and her husband might have financially benefited from her role as a US Senator, and her votes in Washington, is extremely concerning.  Our state's senior senator has made every effort to hide from Granite Staters and has a record of fighting to silence groups that might shed light on her record. With reports such as those found in this week's Boston Globe, it is beginning to make more sense why she is putting so much effort into hiding from her constituents. 

Get ready to pay more at the gas pump beginning next Tuesday

Do you know what next Tuesday, July 1st is? Yes, it is the date of the highly anticipated soccer match-up between USA and Belgium. However, regardless of how the game turns out, it is also the day when Governor Maggie Hassan's 23% increase in the state's Gas Tax will go into effect.

Beginning on Tuesday, Granite Staters will have to pay more to drive to work or take their kids on a weekend vacation to Hampton Beach. In addition to seeing a direct increase at the pump, they will also feel an indirect increase in the costs of goods or services that utilize motor transport. To say we are incredibly disappointed in Governor Maggie Hassan for once again endorsing policies that raise taxes and increase spending is an underestimate. 

Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire fought hard over the past year to educate our legislators in Concord on why passing Senate Bill 367, which was the bill to increase the Gas Tax, was not in the best interest of our state. We held phone banks, testified at legislative hearings, conducted patch-through-calls to our legislators' offices, and even held protests. 

Our organization recognized that the last thing New Hampshire families need right now is to have more money taken out of their wallets and pocketbooks. However, as New Hampshire residents will see beginning on Tuesday, Governor Maggie Hassan and a majority of our legislators in Concord ignored that fact. Instead of passing Senate Bill 367, they should have taken a hard look at where current revenues are being spent, make the tough decisions to cut when necessary, and fund only our priorities. That's exactly what New Hampshire families do every day, but apparently that concept is just too difficult for Governor Maggie Hassan to understand.  

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