Innis For Congress - ICYMI: Dan Innis Interview In Laconia Daily Sun

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ICYMI: Dan Innis Interview In The Laconia Daily Sun


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Manchester, NH -- The following comments by Dan Innis, Republican candidate for Congress in NH-01, appeared in The Laconia Daily Sun newspaper on June 25th.

"I voted for the guy twice," said Dan Innis, the Portsmouth innkeeper who is challenging Frank Guinta, the former mayor of Manchester and one-term congressman, for the Republican nomination in the First Congressional District. "But we have to send different people to Washington," he remarked.


Stressing his belief in "free and open" markets, Innis favors the repeal of Affordable Care Act, which he suggested should be "broken up into its component parts and fixed." In particular, he said that the health insurance market should be loosed from government regulation, starting eliminating barriers to the sale of policies across state lines. He insisted that the profit motive, which drives innovation in the medical community, must remain a key element in providing health care.

"I believe in American exceptionalism," Innis said, adding "with that comes responsibility." As what he called "the leader of the free world," he said that the United States could not become isolationist, but must commit itself to protecting its allies and friends, including the Ukraineand former Soviet satellites in Eastern Europe. But, he said he was reluctant to put boots on the ground "if it can be avoided."


Touting his knowledge and experience of the business world, Innis remarked that Guinta "has been a politician his whole career." He claimed that he has a better understanding and firmer commitment to the principles of the free market and follows a different approach to solving problems "as opposed to short-term fixes with an eye to the next election".

We've been sending the wrong people to Washington," he said once more.

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