Mooney For NH Senate - Mooney Announces Steering Committee

MERRIMACK, NH - Maureen Mooney, candidate for District 11 State Senate, announced today the members of her campaign Steering Committee. The committee includes both current and former State Representatives, Town Councilors, School Board members and a County Commissioner, all of which reside in District 11. 

"It is great to see such a committed group of community members and public servants come forward to help me get my message of low taxes, small government and individual liberty to the citizens of Amherst, Merrimack, Milford and Wilton." said Maureen Mooney. "Our goal is to continue to work hard to speak to each and every voter in District 11 and with the help of the these people and the voters of the district, I'm confident we can be successful in September." 

"I am honored to endorse Maureen Mooney for the NH State Senate." said Steering Committee Co-Chair and State Representative Bob Rowe. "She is a remarkably capable woman who has the ability to communicate matters simply and thoroughly. She will be a Senator that is fully dedicated to serving the citizens of our state."

Mooney For State Senate Steering Committee
Rep. Dick Hinch - Co-Chair
Rep. Bob Rowe - Co-Chair
Hon. Jack Balcom
Rep. Dick Barry
Barbara Biggie
Alice Bury
Hon. Chris Christensen
Juanita Dangel
Michael Dangel
Hon. Cynthia Dokmo
Hon. Nancy Elliott
Hon. Nancy Gagnon
Sandra Gausch
Anni Giacapuzzi
Peter Giacapuzzi
Cinda Guagliumi
Anita Hinkle
Hon. Pete Hinkle
Hon. Carol Holden
Councilor Tom Koenig
Hon. Bob L'Heureux
Fran L'Heureux
Richard Maloon
Greg McCann
Barbara Michael
Josh Moore
Scott Mortimer
Christopher S. Ortega
Rep. Kathleen Stroud
Hon. Joe Thomas