NHDP - Where Does Scott Brown Stand On NH Buffer Zone Law?

Scott Brown Was Advocate for Patient Safety Zone Bill in Massachusetts
Does He Stand By That or Does He Side With Right Wing Conservatives?
Concord, NH—Yesterday, the Supreme Court struck down a Massachusetts law aimed at keeping protesters at least 35 feet from health clinics that perform abortions in order to ensure patients’ safety. When Scott Brown was serving in the Massachusetts legislature, he was a vocal advocate of this legislation. In fact, not only did he vote to establish buffer zones, but he also signed a letter asking the House Speaker to bring the buffer zone bill to the floor for a vote. Then, as a State Senator, Brown voted to increase the length of the buffer zone from 18 feet to the 35 feet that the Court took issue with.
But instead of being straight with Granite Staters, Brown has been dodging questions. So what does Scott Brown have to say about the Supreme Court ruling? And where does he stand on the New Hampshire buffer zone law?
“Given the recent action by the Supreme Court to strike down the Massachusetts’s law Scott Brown supported, New Hampshire voters deserve to know whether Brown will stand by his vote for women’s safety, or whether he will side with right wing conservatives calling for an end to this protection,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “It’s clear that Scott Brown differs vastly from the average conservative Republican voter in New Hampshire, but this is an issue for which he was an outspoken advocate in Massachusetts. He needs to come forward and let Granite Staters know whether he will side with the conservative base or whether he will stand up for patients’ safety.”