Gov. Hassan Blocks All Out-of-State Travel, Except Her Own International Trip

Manchester, NH – As has been repeatedly covered by the news media, Governor Maggie Hassan recently signed an Executive Order banning all out-of-state travel that uses money from the General Fund. However, she is continuing with her planned junket to Turkey in June, despite the fact it uses $15,000 in General Fund money to pay for it. The hypocrisy has been repeatedly noted by upset Granite Staters.

“If our revenue projections are coming in under expectations and we are running in the red, why would the Governor take a trip to Turkey, of all places? Particularly after telling everyone else that they can’t travel out of state? The hypocrisy and irresponsibility of such a trip is dumb-founding and very upsetting to the public, which is why we have launched a petition,” Hemingway said.

The petition can be seen HERE and reads in part:

Why Turkey? Turkey is the 12th largest trade partner who is already growing in trade with NH. Why not a top trade partner or an emerging one?

Tell Maggie to stop wasting taxpayer dollars on family vacations and unnecessary junkets.

We would see a more immediate and larger growth from her traveling to Massachusetts and New York to bring new and growing companies to NH.

Please sign the petition below and tell Maggie it is no time to go to Turkey!


“If we want to actually improve the economy and grow jobs here in New Hampshire, we don’t need to go Turkey.  Instead, let’s address the real reason we are losing jobs over our southern border and why companies aren’t coming here.  We don’t need to go half way around the world to reduce our corporate tax rates, lower electricity costs, roll-back regulations and lower insurance costs.   Having no experience as a small business owner, Governor Hassan doesn’t understand those are the things that will spur economic growth,” Hemingway concluded.