Concord - Governor Hassan's reckless and incompetent management of the New Hampshire state budget has forced her to impose a freeze in generally funded hiring, equipment, purchasing and out-of-state travel.  That freeze, however, would seem to apply to everyone but herself.  This morning, the New Hampshire Union Leader penned an editorial on Hassan's upcoming trip to Turkey, which coincidentally was recently named the top travel destination in the world by Trip Advisor:


"Gov. Maggie Hassan is going forward with her long-planned trade mission to Turkey despite the state revenue dip that prompted her to freeze out-of-state travel. She makes an exception for her trip, saying it is worth the money even now. That position is undermined by the very figures her administration uses to promote the trip." (Editorial, "Hassan's trip: Quit It cold turkey," New Hampshire Union Leader, 6/3/2014)


"Then there is no reason for taxpayers to finance this trip... There simply is no urgent need for the state to spend scarce tax dollars on a trade mission with the state's budget in such bad shape." (Editorial, "Hassan's trip: Quit It cold turkey," New Hampshire Union Leader, 6/3/2014)


We couldn't agree more with the Union Leader.  NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn today released the following statement on Governor Hassan's Turkey trip:


"Governor Hassan continues to demonstrate that she is incapable of managing the New Hampshire state budget, and it is clear that she will continue to spend Granite State tax dollars as she pleases, despite the desperate need to get our financial house in order.  It's time to end Hassan's tenure of hypocrisy in the Governor's office, and the only way to do that is to elect a Republican to replace her this fall."  




Hassan readiest for Turkey trip despite travel freeze (Editorial, "Hassan's trip: Quit It cold turkey," New Hampshire Union Leader, 6/3/2014)


Trip Advisor names Istanbul, Turkey the #1 travel destination in the world ("2014 Travelers' Top Choice, Trip Advisor, Accessed 6/3/2014)