CEI Today: Regulatory Improvement Commission, Obama climate plan, European election results, and more

Wednesday, June 4, 2014
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Washington Times: A model for rolling back outdated regulations
The base-closure commission put national interest above politics

A Regulatory Improvement Commission is an important step in unleashing America’s entrepreneurial potential. Astraight up-or-down vote to prevent vote-trading and other shenanigans was key to BRAC’s success, and will be key to the success of the Regulatory Improvement Commission’s repeal package.  > Read More

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> Interview Wayne Crews



Globalwarming.org: EPA’s Existing Source Carbon Rule: Former EPA General Counsel Discusses Legal Issues

EPA’s carbon “pollution” rule for existing power plants requires states, on average, to achieve a 30% reduction in power-plant carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions below 2005 levels by 2030. It allows states to meet their respective targets through four main strategies: increase the efficiency of coal electric generation, substitute natural gas generation for coal generation, substitute renewable and nuclear generation for fossil-fuel generation, and reduce electric demand by industry and other end-users. To implement those strategies, states may use various policy options including cap-and-trade, renewable electricity mandates, and demand-side management programs.
  > Read more


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> Interview Marlo Lewis



The Freeman: Earthquake Europe; European election results point to a different road for the continent

An earthquake, they called it. The European political establishment looked on helplessly over Memorial Day weekend as elections for representatives to the European Parliament showed populist parties of right and left making large gains—from Britain to Greece, from Spain to Finland. Yet, some already are saying that things won’t change much. A reprise of “Small earthquake in Chile, not many dead”? No, the reality is that European politics have shifted. And while there are reasons for worry, the future may look brighter for the momentarily dark continent.  > Read more

> Interview Iain Murray

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R Street will be
hosting a Google Hangout with the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Competitive Enterprise Institute to discuss copyright reform on Thursday, June 5, at 3 p.m. ET. > More

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Gary Shapiro, Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), on political, legal struggles over technology policy.

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