Guinta For Congress - New Hampshire Workers to D.C.: “Get off our Backs!”

Middle-Class Economic Recovery Tour Makes more than 15 Stops in Meredith, Wolfeboro and Conway

Team Guinta’s Middle-Class Economic Recovery Tour made more than fifteen stops at local small businesses in Wolfeboro, Conway and Meredith over the past several days.

The stops varied in their specialty. Many were service based small businesses like Downtown Grille and Café, Katie’s Kitchen, and the Redstone Deli. All are balancing the difficult reality of the skyrocketing cost of wholesale goods. The Team also visited Winnipesaukee Lumber, and several other local employers in the Lakes Region and North Country.

The Tour also brought us to the Gibson Senior Center to lunch with residents and discuss their economic and health care concerns.

Following the completion of this portion of the Tour, Frank Guinta released this statement:


“As I tour businesses and meet with folks, it is clear to me that we have an extraordinarily hard working and capable workforce. Unfortunately, I continue to hear that disposable income is down, and given the current regulatory climate, business owners could not and would not start their business today. From ObamaCare to Dodd-Frank to the endless rules emanating from the executive branch, there are far too many duplicative and needless regulations flowing from Washington. The end result being fewer jobs. We need to do away with the red tape and bureaucracy that is holding back the American entrepreneur. Only then will our economy truly succeed"