NHDP - Brown Resignation Does Not Answer Important Questions

Brown Must File Financial Disclosure 
Brown’s Bad Judgment and Lack of Transparency Still Raises Questions—What’s He Hiding?
Concord, NH—Today, moments after Scott Brown defended his Advisory Board role with Global Digital Strategies, Inc, he resigned from the company, leaving unanswered critical questions that must be addressed.
“Scott Brown can resign, but he can’t keep hiding from questions about a shady company run by executives sued for fraud, who gave him $1.3 million in stock,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “The fact is, everything we know about GDSI was true when Brown joined its advisory board—and he joined anyway. New Hampshire voters deserve to know where else and from who else he was cashing in. He owes it to the families of this state to lay his cards on the table and file his personal financial disclosure form.”
As soon as Scott Brown filed for office at the Secretary of State’s office in Concord, he proceeded to duck and dodge questions from multiple reporters about his role in a company that experts deemed “very, very risky” for investors.

McClain added, “Dodging reporters’ questions won’t make Brown’s relationship with GDSI go away. We need to know what his role was and why he joined a Florida-based, one-time beauty supply, one-time wireless data, one-time gun manufacturing company, knowing that its operations would raise red flags and its executives had been sued for allegedly committing securities fraud. Scott Brown still has a lot of explaining to do to Granite State families.”