Scott Brown Refuses To Answer Questions About Shady Florida-Based Company

Concord, NH—  Republicans, Democrats, and independent editorial boards are questioning Scott Brown's relationship with a shady Florida company that experts warn is “very, very risky” for investors. Nearly two decades old, the company has no revenue, no patents, no trademarks, no manufacturing facilities, and close to $20 million in debt.  Rather than being honest about his role with the company, Brown and his campaign refused to "explain how Brown met the company’s leaders," "became defensive" when asked about the company, and referred questions "to a GDSI spokesman who did not respond to requests for comment."

"Since leaving office, Scott Brown has cashed in with shady characters running a questionable company," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain.  "New Hampshire deserves honest answers about Scott Brown’s role in this shady company, how he became involved, what role he has there, and why he isn’t filing his personal financial disclosure."
Boston Globe: "The report prompted one of Brown’s opponents in the GOP primary,Bob Smith, former US senator, to call on Brown to file a financial disclosure form with the US Senate. “You should be proactive in situations like this and get the information out there,” Smith, the former chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee, said in an interview. 
Concord Monitor:  “As a private citizen, Brown is entitled to seek his fortune, but as a seeker of public office he owes the people a proper accounting. To wait until a month before voters must choose the Republican who will challenge Sen. Jeanne Shaheen is the worst kind of political sleight of hand. Candidates who resist providing voters with information they need to make an informed decision about their representation in Washington are not worthy of the job.”
Eagle Tribune:  “Brown became defensive when a reporter questioned if it were a ‘legitimate company’… He did not elaborate about the stock and his campaign spokeswoman said he could not answer any more questions. Brown then bought a slice of cheese pizza and a bottled drink before leaving with his staff.”
Union Leader: “Campaign sources would not comment on whether Brown has sold any of the stock or what restrictions may exist on converting the stock to cash, referring all questions to a GDSI spokesman who did not respond to requests for comment.”

Fox 25 Boston: “This obviously raises questions about judgment… this is not a good sign for Scott Brown. Reflects on his judgment.” - “Is there more to come, given the background of this company? It seems to be sketchy.” - “The numbers are eye-popping in terms of $1.3 million in stock. You have to wonder what voters think.”

MSNBC: “Global Digital Solutions Inc. has ‘no revenue, no patents, no trademarks, no manufacturing facilities, and no experience developing weapons.’ But that’s not the unusual part, either. Rather, what seems odd about GDSI’s enterprise is the fact that it’s partnered with former Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.), currently running for the Senate in his new home state of New Hampshire” 
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