Brown For US Senate - Senator Shaheen's energy tax


According to the National Association of Manufacturers, Senator Shaheen's new national energy tax could eliminate up to 10,000 New Hampshire jobs, increase the cost of electricity, natural gas, and increase prices at the pump by as much as 20 cents per gallon. 

In 2013, Senator Shaheen voted in favor of an amendment offered by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse that would have implemented a national energy tax by putting a price on carbon emissions.

This week, Scott Brown introduced an affordable energy policy , outlining an approach to increase supply and reduce costs for New Hampshire families. His plan focuses on a true "all of the above" energy approach, as well as increasing domestic production, reining in the EPA's regulatory authority, encouraging energy efficiency and helping low income families and seniors stay warm.

In the Senate, Brown voted to keep gas prices low by not raising taxes on energy. This is crucially important at a time when consumers face high prices at the pump, especially in tourism-dependent New Hampshire. 

I hope you'll take a moment to share our new graphic, which highlights what Senator Shaheen's energy tax would mean for you.

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Colin Reed
Campaign Manager