Lambert For Congress - Lambert Challenges Kuster to Debate

Nashua - In response to Congresswoman Ann Kuster's incoherent statement regarding the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner exchange, Marine Corps Colonel (Ret.) and 2nd Congressional District candidate Gary Lambert issued the following statement: 


"Once again, Ann Kuster has made it clear that she is unprepared and unqualified to represent us on important foreign policy issues facing our country." said Lambert. "Thirty-five years in the Marine Corps and extensive foreign policy experience has taught me that the exchange of prisoners at the end of a long conflict is always a complicated and messy situation. But it's not Ann Kuster's opinion on the Bergdahl situation that is my concern. My concern is that, as we have seen with her "Benghazi isn't in the Middle East" comment and now her incoherent Bergdahl statement, Ann Kuster doesn't have have an opinion and is not representing the 2nd District on these important national security questions."


"Therefore, in order to raise the public profile of foreign policy, international relations, and national security questions facing our country, I am inviting Ann Kuster to debate these issues at a time and place of her choosing. Just tell me when and where and I'll gladly show up. Voters in the 2nd District need to know where their leaders stand and what they will do to represent them in Congress. I hope Ann Kuster accepts my invitation and gives voters that opportunity."