NHDP - Brown STILL Must Answer Questions on Advisory Role With Shady Florida-Based Company

Concord, NH—In the last few days, Scott Brown has repeatedly told reporters he has answered questions regarding Global Digital Solutions, Inc., a shady company run by executives sued for fraud, who gave him $1.3 million in stock to serve on their advisory board. In reality, Brown ducked and dodged—critical questions remain. 
What Brown Still Needs to Answer:
·      What research, if any, did you conduct before agreeing to serve on the GDSI advisory board?

·      How many times did you give advice to GDSI?
·      How did you come to be involved with the company?

·      What did you do to receive $1.3 million in stock? 

·      Did you have a preexisting relationship with the company's CEO and CFO?
·      Have you ever met with the GDSI chief executives in-person?
·      Would you advise someone to invest in GDSI? Have you advised anyone to invest in GDSI?
·      Did you know about the securities fraud lawsuit?
·      Why, up until the moment you resigned, did you keep calling this 19 year old, publicly traded company a "start-up"?
·      Why, up until the moment you resigned, did you refer to this sham company as one that was "creating jobs" even though it appears that the only jobs they created were yours and other "advisors," used to lure in unsuspecting investors?

And most importantly, what are you hiding by not submitting your personal financial disclosure form as every other Senate candidate has done?