Sapareto for NH Senate - Supporting Our NH Police Officers

June 5, 2014 

Derry – After the death of officer Stephen Arkell, of the Brentwood Police department, many people in our communities have donated thousands to support his wife and two daughters. However his family is not entitled to a death pension, as Officer Arkell was not a full-time officer.


“In the wake of the sorrow caused by the loss of one of our bravest Granite Stater’s, I am deeply troubled that the Arkell family is ineligible for the death pension afforded to all full-time officers. There should be no distinction here – When someone lays down their life for our communities’ and our well being, the community has an obligation to their family.” Sapareto said. 


Rep. Frank Sapareto vows to help lead the change for this. “While the outpouring of support for the Arkell family from various individuals and organizations demonstrates what an amazing community we have here in New Hampshire, we need to improve care for our police officers with measures at the State House. If elected State Senator, I vow to introduce legislation that would provide insurance access to cover these officers’. Additionally, I want to insure that our police departments have every tool they need to help prevent a tragedy like this from happening again.”