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Absurd: Congresswoman Kuster makes incoherent statement about the release of Bowe Bergdahl

While talking with reporters at New Hampshire's State House in Concord on Wednesday, Congresswoman Annie Kuster (NH-02) was asked about President Obama's decision to release five prisoners from Guantanamo Bay in exchange for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. It goes without saying that the President's actions have dominated news reports for days and have sparked a discussion both among everyday families and our elected officials about the legality of President Obama's actions and the future implications it might have on Americans at home and abroad.


Shockingly enough though, when questioned about it by a reporter, Congresswoman Kuster of New Hampshire's Second Congressional District seemed to have a very limited understanding of the issue and of military affairs in general.

The most striking exchange was when Congresswoman Kuster was asked a follow-up question about the deal made with the Taliban. 
Reporter: "You know, John McCain was a POW too, but he says we shouldn't be negotiating with terrorists like this." 
Congresswoman Annie Kuster: "Well, here's the bottom line, we're negotiating already when we leave people there."

You can watch the video clip 
Congresswoman Kuster's lack of understanding of such an important issue that has dominated every media report in recent days is utterly baffling.  Is a United States Congresswoman saying that by not negotiating with terrorists, we are already negotiating with terrorists? Beyond that, we cannot begin to understand what Congresswoman Kuster meant, but like most Granite Staters, we are outraged at her puddle deep understanding of one of the most important issues being discussed during her first term in Congress.
This is not the first time Congresswoman Annie Kuster has shown her dangerous lack of understanding of foreign policy-related matters. Late last year, when asked about the attack on our consulate in Benghazi, she refused to discuss the topic and responded that she was there to discuss the Middle East, not Benghazi. The video made national headlines and can be viewed HERE.
Annie Kuster, a US Congresswoman who has the power to vote on issues that impact our foreign policy and the lives of Americans at home and abroad, has proven twice now that she has a puddle deep grasp on these issues. That isn't just wrong, it is extremely dangerous.
Residents of New Hampshire's Second Congressional District have every reason to be concerned with Congresswoman Annie Kuster's dangerous lack of understanding of one of the most important foreign policy-related issues to take place during her first term in Congress. When her statements today are added to her inability to discuss the attacks on our consulate in Benghazi, Granite Staters can certainly start to see a dangerous trend.
Hypocrite: Governor Maggie Hassan to break her own travel ban with trip to Turkey

Last week, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire issued a Right to Know request to Governor Maggie Hassan's office and the Department of Resources and Economic Development (DRED) requesting more information about her upcoming trip to Turkey from June 20-27, which will utilize at least $15,000.00 in taxpayer funds. Our request was specifically in response to email correspondences we had with DRED that led us to believe the Governor still planned on taking her trade mission to Turkey, despite her May 22, 2014 Executive Order banning all out of state travel expenses.  


The specifics of the Right to Know requests and other information can be found in our news releases from last week by clicking HERE and HERE


Last Friday, DRED did respond to our Right to Know request confirming Governor Hassan would be still traveling to Turkey, which can be read about in the Union Leader HERE, however Governor Maggie Hassan forwarded our Right to Know request to the Attorney General's Office. The Deputy Attorney General responded to our request by saying, "the Governor's Office does not have any information beyond that contained in Commissioner Rose's letter."

It is now abundantly clear that Governor Maggie Hassan actually plans to break her own Executive Order against out of state travel by utilizing $15,000 from the state's general fund to pay for her trip to Turkey this month. Hypocrisy like this is exactly why Granite Staters distrust our elected officials. Regardless of how she or her departments try and justify it, the fact that she can't even abide by her own travel freeze proves we don't just have budgetary problems in Concord, we have a crisis of honestly and leadership.

The story, and Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire's work on it, received a lot of attention in the press throughout the week. Here are some examples: 


Unethical: Senator Shaheen could be in ethics trouble over the IRS scandal.

The smoking gun in the IRS targeting scandal could be found in the Senate, one advocacy group says, pointing out a correspondence it believes pressured the tax agency to impose extra scrutiny on conservative groups.


The Center for Competitive Politics, which opposes campaign finance restrictions and other limits on political speech, filed a complaint with the Senate Select Committee on Ethics against nine Democratic senators, with Senator Jeanne Shaheen being one of them.


You can click HERE to read more about how our state's senior senator could be in ethics trouble over the IRS scandal.

Outrageous: A $79,000.00 door to be installed at the State House during a budget crisis


Despite a budget crisis in Concord, the Executive Council authorized a $79,000.00 door to be installed in a State House hearing room this week. The decision, which was made this week, rightfully sparked frustration and outrage in the press and among many Granite Staters. The story was first reported in the Union Leader.

Honor: We must never forget D-Day
70 years ago today, more than 160,000 of our Greatest Generation saved the freedom of Western Civilization from the grasp of tyranny, destruction, and hate. The debt we owe the men who fought and gave their lives on the beaches of Normandy on June 6, 1944 is immeasurable. 

We Granite Staters have a duty to keep their memory alive. Take a moment today to tell the next generation of our past's heroes. We must never forget the sacrifice they made so we could be free.
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