Testerman For US Senate - 9-12 Leader Endorsement

Head of Rochester 9-12 Endorses Testerman


Karen Testerman released the following statement,  "I am honored to receive the statement of endorsement from Rochester 9-12 Chairman and prior Marine, Jerry DeLemus."


"Through life you meet many individuals, but few do you really get a chance to truly know.  In the world of politics this is even a more difficult prospect.  Many seeking office see out your endorsement of support, but never friendship.  I have been blessed to experience the rare opportunity to beat the odds.  I have known Karen Testerman for several years and I have heard her speak for years on topics that "normal politicians" avoid, such as the reasons and solutions for the break down of the American family, the tragedy of abortion, and the needs of American Veterans.  Even more recently, Karen has tried to expose the plight of the American farmers and ranchers due to the continued assault on their ability to continue in their family's business passed through generations.  Karen has something that separates her from many seeking or holding office and that is integrity.  There are more polished speakers, but polish sometimes makes things seem better than they actually are.  Karen will always tell you the truth even at times when it may be hard to accept.

"Karen has worked tirelessly to improve our State as well as our Nation.   She comes from a family that is familiar and willing to sacrifice for America even when others may just complain about their circumstances.  Karen had family members who were put into the Japanese internment camps in the West after the attack on Pearl Harbor in WWII.  Her father wasn't deterred and joined the U.S. Army and was in the most highly decorated American Unit in WWII fighting in Europe against Hitler and the Axis powers.  Karen's dad had many good reasons not to join;   I can't imagine this position while his family is in a concentration camp here in America.  I see Karen's father in her, in her courage to stand up and fight for issues because it is the right thing to do, even if everyone tells her not to because it may not be politically safe choice.  Safe?  This is not in Karen's genetic make-up, but doing what is right is.

"Occasionally we have the rare opportunity to vote for a person seeking office for the right reasons, not for ego or position, but truly dedicate their time to better our country.   Karen Testerman is that person. If you are one of those that complain about the direction America is headed, then quit voting for the same smooth speaking candidates.  Change the direction and support Karen for the United States Senate as I am gratefully doing.   I assure you, Karen will keep her promises as she truly exemplifies the United States Marine Corps Motto, "Semper Fidelis," which for non-Marines is "Always Faithful." "

Semper Fi,

Jerry DeLemus

Rochester, NH