Cormier For NH Senate - Gas Tax Wrong for NH

Votes Have Meaning
Gas Tax Hurts Working Families in NH

In the June 19 edition of the Hooksett Banner,  incumbent NH Senator David Boutin wrote:  "As I have done in all of my previous runs for office, I have again taken the Coalition of NH Taxpayers pledge against any broad-based tax.”  

Jane Cormier, Candidate for Senate District 16 responds:  "Whether you believe the Gas Tax is a broad-based tax or not, you should know that Senator Boutin voted FOR raising the NH Gas Tax this session.  This means that every gallon of gas will cost citizens 4.2 cents more at the tank.  You can also count on businesses to pass this tax cost on to you and your family whether you are at the grocery store or purchasing any product.  Senator Boutin BROKE his Pledge to his constituents, yet is trying to portray his vote FOR the Gas Tax as insignificant when it will impact the price of just about everything."

Upon examination of Senator Boutin’s voting record, you will find that many times his actual votes do not match his rhetoric.  Jane Cormier is running for this seat because she believes it is time for our elected representatives  to "walk the walk", not just "talk the talk".  "We will feel the effects of the Gas Tax as a broad-based tax, because it raises the cost of everything", Cormier concluded