Manchester, NH –The New Hampshire Ballot Law Commission has ruled that Walt Havenstein may appear on the ballot for the September 9, 2014 Gubernatorial Primary.  Alicia Preston, Campaign Manager for Republican Candidate for Governor Andrew Hemingway, released the following statement:

“We are looking forward to the opportunity to demonstrate the clear differences between the two candidates looking for the Republican nomination.  Mr. Havenstein has said that this is a race about experience—we agree.  It’s a race about the right kind of experience.  Unlike Mr. Havenstein, Andrew has built and sold small businesses right here in New Hampshire and understands the needs of the small business person.  Andrew has spent the past 5 years fighting for New Hampshire citizens by leading the charge to successfully repeal the devastating LLC tax, by working to elect 100 House members who stand with conservative values and by fending off the ever growing arm of government.  As he has said, Andrew knows how the sausage is made in Concord.

“In Mr. Havenstein’s maiden voyage into New Hampshire politics, he has already demonstrated his lack of understanding of the process including claiming he would veto a Constitutional Amendment—something a Governor cannot do. He also intends to have the state audit a federal agency—something it cannot do. And, he criticized Concord for not presenting a balanced budget—which the NH Senate absolutely did. These and many other examples show that it’s not the years of experience that matter, it’s the kind of experience.  It’s the kind of experience Andrew Hemingway has and we look forward to demonstrating that.” – Alicia Preston, Campaign Manager, Hemingway for Governor