Manchester, NH – The US Supreme Court today has ruled that Hobby Lobby cannot be forced to provide contraceptive care to its female employees under a religious objection. The 5-4 ruling gives owners of businesses the right to follow their individual religious beliefs without intervention from the federal government. The contraceptive requirement was part of the Obamacare legislation.  Andrew Hemingway, candidate for Governor, praised the Court’s decision, “This is not an issue of birth control, or health care, this is a matter of religious freedom.  If someone truly does not believe in birth control, as one’s individual religious practice dictates, than how can the government possibly supersede that?  The High Court today said it cannot and I am very pleased with its decision to put the Constitution before special interests.”

New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan has a different view, releasing a fundraising email on the back of the decision reading in part, “Like any woman in America right now, I am absolutely shocked by the Supreme Court's decision this morning to side with big, conservative corporate interests and deny women access to birth control.” (Email sent by Meredith Shevitz, Maggie '14)

“Let’s be clear, the Court sided with the Constitution, not a Corporation.  We know Governor Hassan has doubled down on her adoration of Obamacare but she should know that the Constitution comes before political expediency,” Hemingway said. “Moreover, this ruling does not deny anyone access to anything. It simply says the government can’t force someone to do something against his or her religious beliefs.  It’s quite simple.  The idea Governor Hassan doesn’t support that concept is frightening.”

This is the 2nd time in just a few days, Governor Hassan has disagreed with a Constitutional ruling from the High Court—the first being on Free Speech Buffer Zones.

The Hassan email went on to solicit campaign contributions. “This is where we are now?  The Supreme Court rules on religious freedom and she raises money on the idea to fight such freedom? I think Governor Hassan has her priorities wrong,” Hemingway concluded.