Levell For NH House - Gas Tax Increase Hurts Taxpayers

On Tuesday, July 1st, the gas tax will increase 23%, or an additional $0.04 per gallon. It will raise the price of everything -- from milk and groceries, to basic household items. Now the cost of commuting to work will go up. The cost of shuffling the kids off to their various activities will be higher. It will hurt all New Hampshire citizens and businesses, but fall disproportionately on our seniors and low-income families.
Not all of the funds will go towards repairing or developing the state's infrastructure. More than 25% is siphoned off for pet projects in other departments. If citizens must face a tax increase, they deserve no less than a full guarantee that all the proceeds from that tax will go to their intended use. Instead, this gas tax increase is irresponsible fiscal management. It is irresponsible to add more burdens on our businesses and families.
New Hampshire needs legislators that will be more fiscally prudent and transparent about how the money is spent.
Michelle Levell
Candidate for State Representative of Windham (Rockingham 7)

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