NHDP - In BLC Hearing, Walt Havenstein Continues Pattern of Ducking Responsibility, Acting Above the Rules

Concord, NH– New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley released the following statement on the Ballot Law Commission’s decision:
“During Walt Havenstein’s hearing before the Ballot Law Commission today, he confirmed that he thinks he’s above the rules, admitting that he took tax breaks available only for Maryland residents and didn’t live in New Hampshire most of the year.    
The taxpayers of Maryland will obviously want their money back and the people of New Hampshire are going to have a hard time understanding why someone who claims he wants to lead the Granite State was spending the majority of his year in another state.
While the Ballot Law Commission may have accepted "It's whatever Turbo Tax cranked out” as an excuse for Walt’s misleading tax returns, the people of New Hampshire certainly won’t accept "Turbo Tax ate my homework" as an excuse for his failed strategy at SAIC that cost the company millions of dollars and thousands of jobs or his Koch Brothers agenda that would hurt middle class families.  
Very soon Havenstein is going to find out that getting on the ballot was the easy part – he’s going to have far more difficultly trying to explain away his record of failed leadership, mismanagement, and his anti-middle class agenda that would take our state in the wrong direction.”