Rubens For US Senate - I Need Your Help Today


Together we have framed the debate in the race for the Republican nomination. We've forced debates among the candidates, and talked about the tough issues facing our nation. At the grassroots level, we've organized a team of volunteers that are spreading out message across the state. We've built the infrastructure of a winning campaign.

The quarterly fundraising deadline is midnight tonight. You've helped me before, but now I need you again. I need you to do whatever you can to help the campaign. If you are considering a donation, donating today will have the maximum positive impact.

I don't have the Wall Street Money. I don't have the establishment backing. I am counting on you, my grassroots supporters, to help take us to the finish line. We have seen what the establishment does when threatened. This past week in Mississippi, the NRSC spent $1 million and brought in 45 staffers to protect the establishment's pick. They will do the same here.

Do we want Washington choosing our nominee? My forty years here in New Hampshire have taught me that voters here aren't good at doing what they are told by Washington. We are fiercely independent and make decisions based on face-to-face interactions, and asking the tough questions. With your help, I will continue to push the debate that will give us the best prepared nominee to take on Senator Shaheen in November.

Please donate whatever you can today.


Jim Rubens

PS - The time to act is now. Your donation today of $25, $50, $100, $1,000 or even $5,200 will be greatly appreciated.