Guinta For Congress - Team Guinta in the Lead!

Polling Released Shows Frank Guinta Beating Congresswoman Shea-Porter

Yesterday, a poll released by the UNH Survey Center showed Frank Guinta beating Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter 46-43.

Josh McElveen, WMUR News Political Director and Anchor said: "The numbers look pretty good for former Congressman Frank Guinta."

Frank Guinta released the following statement:

“Granite Staters are sending a message. We are tired of Congresswoman Shea-Porter’s knee jerk support for President Obama. With the struggling economy, and significant challenges at home and abroad, Shea-Porter refuses to hold a town hall to meet with constituents. We need a leader who is willing to stand up to Washington when necessary and who is willing to tackle today's challenges in order to secure a brighter future for all Americans. I look forward to continuing our Middle-Class Economic Recovery Tour and meeting with every possible voter because listening to what Granite Staters need and want is where real leadership begins.”