The “War on Women” is raising money off their fears 

Manchester, N.H. – Governor Maggie Hassan is doubling down on her misinformation tour in regards to women’s “reproductive health decisions.”  Since the United States Supreme Court ruled last week that the First Amendment ‘s Right to Religion trumps Obamacare’s “contraceptive mandate,” Governor Hassan has been trying to scare women with false claims and even tried to raise money off those unwarranted fears. 

In a fundraising appeal, Govern Hassan claimed the High Court’s decision would “deny women access to birth control.” In an appeal to sign a petition to Congress emailed yesterday Governor Hassan wrote, “I was shocked by the Supreme Court's decision last week to limit women's access to affordable birth control at their employer's discretion…It's within Congress’s power to restore comprehensive health care coverage to all women.”


“Using women as a political pawn is disgusting,” said NH Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Hemingway’s Campaign Manager, Alicia Preston.  “Telling a woman, if you don’t give me money or sign my petition or support me, your reproductive rights will be taken away—is extortion.  Maggie Hassan is extorting money off the false fear of women.  False fears she has given them.”


The fact is, now and even before Obamacare’s mandate, low income women were able to receive affordable or even free contraceptives from Medicaid.  For others, several clinics and organizations, including Planned Parenthood, made such products available.


“No woman who couldn’t afford birth control ever actually didn’t have access to it.  This is a political game plain and simple and women should be thoroughly offended at the idea we can’t think beyond our sexual interests.  Women are more than their reproductive organs and Maggie and her party’s obsession with this topic is repulsive,” Preston said. “Governor Hassan should spend as much time worried about the struggling economy, health care costs and flat-lined education as she does worrying about women’s sex lives.”


Andrew Hemingway has been campaigning on a solutions based platform and has released several plans that can be found on his website at www.andrewhemingway.com