Hemingway for Governor - Presents: 100 NH Ideas





Manchester, NH – Republican gubernatorial candidate Andrew Hemingway today announced his new initiative, “100 NH Ideas.”  The program is an effort to crowd source solutions to New Hampshire’s biggest problems.  Hemingway for Governor will solicit ideas and concepts from members of the public about what legislative and administrative ideas they have, through a website, social media and traditional mail.

A few weeks back, Andrew was reading a biography of Marco Rubio (They Called Him Giant Slayer, by J.A. McClure) when he read a great idea. The next day he entered his campaign office, threw down three pages ripped out of the book and told his team, “Let’s do this.”

“I’m never afraid to take another’s good idea if it is the right idea--I think it’s the sign of a good leader.  Senator Rubio developed a program 100 Innovative Ideas for Florida’s Future, for which he solicited ideas from the public.  I want to do the same thing here in New Hampshire.  It is the hard working families, the business owners—small and large--who are affected by the rules and laws made by government, so that’s where we should go for ideas,” Hemingway said.   “I want to hear from the public, from elected officials—at the state, county and local level-- from business owners, workers, students…from anyone with a stake in this state. We need to bring back a sense of partnership with all these entities.”

Throughout the election cycle, Hemingway for Governor will be soliciting ideas from people across the state.  ““I want to rejuvenate New Hampshire and the best ideas from across the state to be part of the comeback.  Who knows better what we need to fix than those who live, work and play here?” Hemingway said. “I need individuals to tell me how he/she is being affected by the economy, by health care, or by anything that these individuals want to talk about.  I want to hear how we can solve problems.  I want to hear innovative ideas,” Hemingway said. 

Andrew will be hosting “Idea-raisers” across the state in order to gather people to share their thoughts and discuss innovative solutions to the state’s problems.

The ideas will be collected and disseminated throughout the campaign cycle and the top 100 will be published in a booklet for everyone in the government and public to review.

People can submit an idea by going to www.100nhideas.com, by tweeting the idea to @hemingway4gov with the hashtag #100nhideas or by mailing in a pre-designed postcard Andrew and his team will be handing out at each event.  Members of the public are also welcome to mail an idea into Hemingway for Governor at 1850 Elm Street, Manchester, NH 03104.