NHDP - Big Oil Koch Brothers To Spend $1 Million-Plus on Fall Attack Ads


Koch Brothers Trying To Buy New Hampshire To Improve Big Oil’s Bottom Line
Pouring More Than $1 Million Into Ads in Final Two Months To Benefit Their Handpicked Candidates


Manchester, NH—Freedom Partners, one of the Big Oil Koch Brothers shadow organizations, has placed more than $1.2 million in September to Election Day television advertising in New Hampshire to try to buy New Hampshire’s Senate and congressional seats for their handpicked candidates.
Reports today confirm that Freedom Partners has placed $1.2 million in ads for broadcast on New Hampshire’s WMUR from September to Election Day 2014. Last year, Politico revealed that Freedom Partners was the Kochs’ “secret bank account,” spending $250 million in 2012 without anyone’s knowledge. Now, Freedom Partners wants to buy New Hampshire.
“Granite State families deserve better than a pair of oil baron billionaire brothers swooping into their state, spending millions of dollars, and getting their cronies elected,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “Granite Staters need elected officials who will fight for them—not ones like Scott Brown, who has been a reliable shill for Big Oil. You can bet that the Kochs will be cashing in while the people of New Hampshire pay the price if they get their way.”
Groups run by the Koch Brothers have already spent more than $3 million in New Hampshire to date attacking Senator Jeanne Shaheen and Congresswomen Annie Kuster and Carol Shea-Porter. This latest ad buy will result in roughly 95 ad spots a week from the start of September through Election Day bashing New Hampshire Democratic candidates and propping up corporate Republican candidates who will do Big Oil’s bidding.