Smolin for NH Governor

Jonathan Smolin    
           Candidate for Governor of NH
Who AM I ?
I am 48 years old married with two young teenage boys. We are a typical middle class family with 3 generations living under one household. My wife and i both work full time in the medical field working opposite shifts so our 2 boys can be  raised by us .We work 40-65 hours a week so we can live the american dream. 
What do I stand for?
I believe we need to lower property taxes, lower business taxes. I think we need to create a tax free zone for long term business’s. I believe in a women's rights and am pro choice. We need to raise taxes on tobacco and alcohol. We need  a casino resort within central NH. We need to create a state wide healthcare system thats affordable. We need to reward students that excel in school with low or no tuition to our state universities. We need to get rid of common core learning in our school systems. We need to create middle income jobs. We need to create a state that follows our constitution, has morals,ethics and strong family values. I believe i can accomplish these goals and make this a great state. If you would like to learn more about me and my ideas look up my face book page at . I believe in term limits for everyone as i believe no one should be a politician for life.