- Help Us Wish the IRS a Happy Birthday (61)

Dear Friend, 


Today, July 9, the Internal Revenue Service turns 61, a few years short of the average retirement age. Many Americans, when they get ready to retire, reflect on their career.


Maybe the IRS, were it personified, could take a look at its professional life leading up to its birthday.


Truth in Accounting  needs your help to buy the IRS a present. This year, we’d like to send the IRS and the federal government a message: the American people deserve transparent, accurate, and fair government accounting. 


But, we can’t do it without your help. With your help, we can publish the government's true numbers, giving citizens the fuel they need to pressure the government for truth. Please click here to donate to Truth in Accounting and the fight for the truth.


As you know, the IRS’s primary function is to take in American tax dollars, and use them to fund vital American programs. Because the dollars coming in do not equal the dollars going out, our Federal National Debt rises every day. 

Every April, responsible Americans provide comprehensive, factual data to their government, but the Federal government is not bound by that convention. That’s a double standard. 

Governments must accurately represent their deficits to their countrymen and enable government officials to make decisions based upon accurate data. 

Another double standard is that the IRS does not allow a corporation with revenues of more than $5 million to use cash basis accounting, which allows the corporation to report only the activity in their checkbook. But the government only needs to report that much. 

The federal government's revenue is $2.7 trillion, which is 540,000 times the corporation revenue limit for cash basis accounting. Even so, the government allows itself to use it, and massively understate budget deficits. And in the end, who suffers from these lies? You! The citizens of this country.

Our government claims the national debt is $17 trillion. If social insurance obligations and veterans’ pensions are included, it’s actually more than $80 trillion, or more than $250,000 for every American man, woman, and child.

Before our national financial problems can be solved, the true financial condition associated with them must be accurately reported. Our governments expect us to report accurate, reliable fiscal data to the IRS. We expect the same from our governments.  

With the facts, you can be knowledgeable participants in solving our governments' financial problems. 

With your help, together we can tell the federal government the American people deserve the truth about Government debt

Please click below to contribute to our birthday present for the IRS and the federal government. 

We appreciate all your help and support!