Guinta For Congress - Shea-Porter's Failure to Act is Hurting NH's Infrastructure

The highway trust fund will soon become insolvent if Congress fails to pass a reauthorization. As a Member of Congress, Frank Guinta supported and voted in favor of a long-term transportation reauthorization. 

As the deadline for action draws near, Frank Guinta released the following statement:

"As a Member of the Transportation Committee I helped author the last reauthorization which passed in 2012.  Without an adequate infrastructure system, our families are not driving on safe roads and goods can become more expensive as commerce slows down.  Carol Shea-Porter's failure to force Congress to act on this needed legislation is terribly irresponsible given the condition of our roads.  It is beyond time for Carol Shea-Porter to stop politicizing this important issue and show some leadership on behalf of New Hampshire families."