NHDP - Frank Guinta Caught Playing Both Sides on Construction Jobs

Guinta Must Choose: Tea Party Way or New Hampshire Highways

Concord, NH – During his so-called “Economic Recovery” tour, Frank Guinta remained notably silent on the top issue threatening middle class New Hampshire jobs this summer: the Highway Trust Fund crisis.

Why? Because Democrats, moderate Republicans, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce all agree that Congress should reauthorize the Highway Trust Fund and construction workers should continue repairing roads and building bridges. But Tea Party groups have threatened to drive New Hampshire’s economy into the ditch by letting the Highway Trust Fund run dry in August, meaning local construction workers could be out of a job.

“Frank Guinta supported the Tea Party government shutdown, but does he support the highway shutdown?” asked Bryan Lesswing, New Hampshire Democratic Party spokesperson. “It’s time for Frank Guinta to stop his shady double-dealing and come clean with New Hampshire voters. Does he stand with New Hampshire construction workers, or does he agree with his Tea Party buddies that we should let the Highway Trust Fund run dry?”

As one reporter noted last week, "Guinta has tried to be both establishment and Tea Party at the same time." It's time for him to pick a side. Any voter who uses New Hampshire’s roads and bridges has a stake in whether Guinta thinks we should let them crumble.