NHDP - Walt Havenstein Praised the Hobby Lobby Decision

Would He Favor Dismantling NH's Contraception Mandate Too? 

And Where Does He Stand on Proposed Legislation to Protect Women's Health Care?  
Concord, NH -  Last week, Walt Havenstein praised the Supreme Court's far-right Hobby Lobby decision and showed once again that he can’t be trusted to protect a woman’s right to affordable health care. Only days before, Walt announced his opposition to buffer zone laws that protect women and workers at reproductive health clinics.
Here in New Hampshire, we have had on the books a bipartisan law requiring all state-regulated health insurance plans to include contraceptive coverage since 1999. So would Walt Havenstein favor dismantling our state-level protections ensuring women receive coverage that meets their full range of health needs regardless of anyone else's religious beliefs? And what does Havenstein have to say about proposed legislation introduced yesterday, and co-sponsored by Senator Shaheen, that would protect women's health care from employer interference?
"Given Havenstein's history of disturbing statements on women's health issues and his support for the Hobby Lobby decision that allows bosses to deny women health insurance that covers their full health needs, including contraception, Granite Staters have a right to know what other positions Havenstein holds that undermine a woman's right to make her own health decisions," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. "When it comes to our state's own contraception mandate and proposed legislation in Congress to restore comprehensive health coverage for all women, voters deserve to know if Havenstein will once again side with his far-right Republican backers."
Havenstein Champions Limiting Access to "Life-Saving" Aspect of Women's Health Care. "Contraceptive services are a fundamental and at times life-saving aspect of women’s health care. By ruling the way it did, the Supreme Court has opened the door for religion and politics to control access to those services. Despite their protestations to the contrary, that is exactly what Brown and Havenstein are championing." [Concord Monitor Editorial, 7/2/14]
Havenstein Praises Supreme Court's Decision on the Massachusetts Buffer Zone Law. "Havenstein praised the court’s decision and condemned the New Hampshire law Gov. Maggie Hassan signed that takes effect on July 10." [Nashua Telegraph, June 30, 2014]
Havenstein Confided To Republican Backers That He Is Pro-Life. The Union Leader reported on Havenstein’s stance on women’s issues saying, “‘It’s his first campaign mistake,’ said former Gov. Stephen Merrill, who was beside Havenstein last week at his campaign kickoff. Merrill said the candidate told him he is personally pro-life and as governor would support a ban on late-term abortions and a requirement for parental notification.” [Union Leader4/21/14]
Havenstein Was Unwilling To Comment On Anti-Choice Bills Before The Legislature. According to the Union Leader, Walt Havenstein’s campaign would not answer a series of questions pertaining to Havenstein’s stance on various bills being discussed in the legislature. [Union Leader4/21/14]