NH Division of Motor Vehicles Issues Vanity Plates

CONCORD – An interim rule governing the issuance of vanity plates became effective today. The New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles hopes to process more than 2,000 backlogged vanity plate applications in the next 60 days under the more specific rule. 

“We can begin sending application approvals again now that the interim rule is in place,” state Division of Motor Vehicles Director Richard Bailey said. “Normally, we receive between 300 and 400 vanity plate applications per month. We’ve seen a small increase in the number of applications recently and are pleased to have the revised process so we can send out approvals.”  

When applicants receive an approval notification, they will need to bring both the approval letter and their current license plates to their local DMV substation to obtain a new vanity registration, Bailey said. 

Currently, there are about 1.5 million automobiles registered in New Hampshire including the 162,000 automobiles with vanity plates. Vanity plate applications generate approximately $6.6 million in revenue for the state each year.