WGIR: New Hampshire Today with Jack Heath
July 15, 2014

This morning, on WGIR's New Hampshire Today radio show with Jack Heath, Scott Brown addressed the current immigration crisis, saying that the Obama-Shaheen agenda is squarely to blame for the current situation along the the border. 

Click here to listen to the audio and see below for a full transcript. 


JACK HEATH: Let me switch gears, Scott Brown. Illegal immigration, this is a crisis of epic proportions and let me just ask some specifics. Maybe no immediate solution, but why hasn’t the National Guard been called down, Governor Perry requested this and national media hardly mentioned this, to at least help maybe not with the kids coming across, but the adults. The National Guard’s not been mobilized, do you think this is a problem the administration truly wants to solve immediately or are politics kind of running their illegal immigration policy?

SCOTT BROWN: Well this is where I disagree with Senator Shaheen. I disagree with the problem and her solution.  I blame this issue and this problem squarely on the backs of the Obama-Shaheen agenda when it comes to immigration. There is a porous border, we need to secure it. We need to make sure we don’t provide incentives or magnets for folks to come here, for kids in particular to come here. What the President did and what Senator Shaheen did to support him on the DREAM Act and putting a class of people ahead of citizens, sorry people who are trying to follow our laws and do it legally. To put people who are here illegally ahead of those people is just wrong, and that’s cretated, helped create the situation where people say, you know what, hey just go to the United States, get across the border, if you’re a kid in particular, you’ll be taken care of. We have to eliminate those incentives. So, Senator Shaheen supports the Dream Act, she supports amnesty, she has done little if anything to help secure our borders, and it’s a real problem.

HEATH: When I had her on yesterday, I asked her last week with the President going for the private fundraisers in Texas at least, should he have gone to the border, she said, quote unquote, I’m not going to get in to that, do you think the President should have visited?

BROWN: Of course he should have gone to the border. We’re having a crisis that is affecting our national security and who we are as a nation. Yes he should’ve gone to the border, it should be his top priority. He shouldn’t be going on vacation necessarily, although I don’t begrudge anyone from taking some time off, but we have a real problem down there. Yes, he should’ve gone to the border, should’ve looked and addressed it and come up with a plan, because there is no real plan right now that’s helping except shipping people around the country without letting others know about it.