Rubens For US Senate - Campaign Releases First Statewide Radio Ad

Beginning tomorrow 7/16, the Jim Rubens for U.S. Senate campaign begins airing its first statewide radio campaign.  The thirty second spot is being targeted to conservative  audiences from Salem to Littleton and from the Seacoast to the Lake Sunapee Region.


"This ad is aimed squarely at primary voters who are engaged in the issues and makes clear that Jim is not part of the Washington establishment," says Brian Tilton, Communications Director for the Jim Rubens for U.S. Senate campaign.


Following is the transcript of the ad voiced by Rubens:


"Are you sick and tired of career politicians who do anything to stay in power?  I'm Jim Rubens, candidate for U.S. Senate and I approve this message.


"I've lived here in New Hampshire 40 years, served in our state senate, and delivered bold solutions- voting privacy and charter schools.


"I'll take on the crony capitalists, big unions and Washington insiders who are busy raiding the national treasury at our expense. The Washington establishment is about to get a big wake-up call.  Climb aboard, visit Jim Rubens dot com."  

Spot can be heard at the following link on YouTube: