Adams For Executive Council (D4) - Jim Adams Blasts Approval of $300 Million Unread ObamaCare Contract

Concord, NH- Today, the New Hampshire Executive Council approved a nearly $300 million contract regarding ObamaCare expansion in New Hampshire despite the fact that no member of the Council had yet to have an opportunity to read it. Notwithstanding the pleading of the Republican members of the Council to table the contract so it might be properly vetted, Councilor Pappas and his Democrat colleagues approved the over 160 page contract without so much as a glance. 

Jim Adams- Candidate for District 4 Executive Council 

"It is absolutely unconscionable that Councilor Pappas could approve a $300 million, 160 page contract without even reading it. Although the legislature has already passed ObamaCare Expansion, it is the Council's job to fully vet every contract that comes across their desk. A 15 minute presentation and 20 minute discussion on a $300 million contract is not what it takes to properly represent the taxpayers of New Hampshire. The Pappas/Pelosi way of reading, approving items in order to find out what's in them, is not the transparency and accountability the voters of District 4 deserve."


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