Bradley For NH Senate - Liberal Democrats are Attacking My Record

Dear Friends:

Today my Democrat opponent attacked me in a letter to the editor for standing by my pro-jobs, pro-taxpayer principles.

He attacked me for supporting business legislation requested by a large employer in Conway, for working for pension reform that reduces the unfunded pension liability and protects property taxpayers across NH, and for supporting more educational choice and opportunities for parents and students. 

I am proud of my record.  I have led efforts to kill tax and fee increases introduced by the liberals the Senate, I have worked to reduce the regulatory burden on our state’s businesses and entrepreneurs, and I have taken on some of the most difficult issues facing our state, like pension reform, and supported a free-market based solution to make healthcare more affordable and accessible in New Hampshire -- without putting the financial burden on taxpayers.

Help me send a message to all those running for office in the New Hampshire State House that we can't afford the Democrat’s job killing and expensive agenda.  

Increasingly NH is viewed nationally as having an unfriendly business climate because of policies supported by my opponent. Policies I have fought against for the last 4 years as Majority Leader in the NH Senate.

Visit my website today and request a lawn sign or consider making a financial contribution.

Together we can fight off these job killing policies and make the 2014 election about growing jobs and protecting taxpayers. 


Jeb Bradley