Garcia For Congress - ICYMI - Marilinda Garcia featured in Independent Women's Forum

Hi all -- in case you missed it, Marilinda Garcia was featured yesterday in an article by the Independent Women's Forum. The piece highlighted her state legislative experience and desire to reduce government waste and regulations on the federal level.  According to the article:
In the New Hampshire House, Garcia quickly established a reputation as a champion of economic liberty and a foe of burdensome federal regulations.

A lot of times capital that could be better used gets re-routed when the federal government makes changes that are arbitrary or all of a sudden swoops in with a costly investigation on this or that and then comes up with fines, when all the entrepreneurs are trying to do is run their companies, provide a product that is great, and keep their employees working in a great work environment,” she said. “Who cares more than the owners about making their businesses run properly? I have developed a taste for the way government comes in from nowhere and thinks it knows more than the people who are actually involved in the businesses.

She loves to find ways to reduce red tape and increase personal responsibility. To force public officials to take responsibility, Garcia sponsored a bill to reduce the number of commissioners on the New Hampshire Liquor Commission from three to one. “We found that with three commissioners, there was a diffusion of responsibility and accountability,” she said. “When something went wrong, a commissioner could say ‘It was his fault. It was his fault.’ We decided that a three-member board was not a good structure.” Now there’s a novel idea: holding public officials responsible.
To read the article in its entirety, please click here.