Wheeler For Executive Council - Candidate Dave Wheeler Calls Out Executive Council for Acting Like Congress

$292 M Contract Passes Without Being Read

Concord NH — Eerily reminiscent of how Congress passed Obamacare, the NH Executive Council passed a $292 million dollar 200-page contract amendment at its Wednesday meeting without reading it.  The item was brought to the Council as a late item just before the meeting on Wednesday.  Councilors Chris Sununu and Joe Kenney argued vigorously that a contract of this magnitude should never be passed without first allowing sufficient time for review by both the public and the Council.  Consequently, the three Democrat Councilors and the Governor ignored the warning and passed one of our state's largest contracts, admitting they had not read it.  To make matters even worse, when Health and Human Services commissioner Toumpas was asked if any resident would go without services if the contract was not ratified immediately, he replied with an unequivocal "no". The item passed only on a 3-to-2 party line vote.

"This is a perfect example of why our Granite Staters are losing faith in their elected officials," said Wheeler.  "NH and the Executive Council has always taken pride in conducting the peoples' business in public, out in the open. Yet there has been a disturbing trend in the executive branch in Concord to keep the public in the dark regarding spending in excess of authorized appropriations," he added.

Wheeler noted that late items not on the regular prepost agenda should be very rare and for emergencies only.    

Wheeler concluded, "I can assure you if I am elected to the Council, I will again keep the light on the peoples' affairs. District 5 will be better represented on these huge health care contracts. It’s time to make Concord accountable to the people, and not to special interests who might stand to gain from the passage of these contracts."