Hemingway For Governor - Hemingway to Hassan: "I don't know" is not an answer

As New England Houses Illegal Immigrants, Gov. Office Doesn’t Know if Any Are Coming to NH

Manchester, NH – In what President Obama has coined an “urgent humanitarian crisis” tens of thousands of illegal immigrant children from South America have crossed the border and are being housed in the United States. While requesting billions of dollars to care for the children whose parents sent them illegally across the Mexican border, President Obama’s Administration has reached out to states asking for assistance housing them.

“Let’s be clear, this is not an ‘urgent humanitarian crisis’ it’s an urgent leadership crisis,” said NH Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Hemingway. “The question is whether President Obama has asked his good friend Maggie Hassan to house the illegal immigrants he opened our border doors for.”

The Concord Patch inquired with Governor Hassan’s office as to whether the state will be accepting illegal as part of the President’s program and printed the following answer:

“We are not aware of any plans for the state to provide housing support for the surge of children crossing the border,” [Hassan Press Secretary William] Hinkle said in an email. (http://concord-nh.patch.com/groups/politics-and-elections/p/spokesman-no-knowledge-of-plans-to-house-border-children-in-nh)

“You aren’t aware, Governor Hassan? That’s failed leadership.  Pick up the phone and be aware.  I have a few questions:  Have you been asked to accept illegal immigrants as our neighboring state Massachusetts has?  If so, what was your answer?  If not, have you called to ask anyone and what is the answer?” Hemingway questioned.

As it has been reported in the Boston Herald, several secret flights of illegal immigrants have been flown into Massachusetts recently and they are being housed in detention centers around New England.

Governor’s Hassan’s Office admits that her Administration has met with federal representatives about this and reports say that they have been to Massachusetts to meet on this issue.  “Governor Hassan, you are very aware of what is going on--tell us.  We are your constituents and it is your duty to inform us.  Or, will you instead just follow the lessons of failed leadership provided to us by our President,” Hemingway concluded.

For more information on Andrew Hemingway, visit his website at www.andrewhemginway.com.