NHDP - Three Questions for Scott Brown on His Relentless Support for the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby Decision

Three Questions for Scott Brown on His Relentless Support for the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby Decision Allowing Employers To Deny Women Insurance Coverage for Birth Control 

(Even If We Have to Shout Them Through a Bathroom Door)
Manchester, NH—Scott Brown can't hide in a bathroom from his out-of-touch view and votes allowing employers to deny women access to basic health care services and contraception. Brown still owes New Hampshire answers.
Yesterday, The Guardian newspaper reported how Scott Brown hid in a bathroom to avoid questions on Hobby Lobby, and later the police were called to avoid answering questions from a reporter. Meanwhile, “Women for Brown” co-chair and Senior Republican Julie Brown categorically denounced Scott Brown’s position on contraceptive care coverage for women, saying that his view that women should remain at the whims of their employers was at odds with “many, many” women in the state.
Instead of hiding in bathrooms, it's time for Brown to answer questions, starting with: 
1.     Have you explained to Julie Brown, your “Women for Brown” co-chair, why you won’t change your mind on this issue, which has put you at odds with a majority of NH women, and why you believe it is ok for employers to deny coverage and eliminate health care choices for women?
2.     Why do you think it’s appropriate to force a woman to consult her boss when making health care decisions?

3.     You were a strong supporter of the Blunt Amendment, which would have given employers the power to deny women coverage for any procedure—including mammograms—that they found morally objectionable, and the Supreme Court’s decision on Hobby Lobby. Why do you think women can't make their own decisions about their own health care? 

“Scott Brown should have to answer for his out-of-touch position on denying health coverage to women for preventative health care—he can’t just run and hide in the men’s bathroom,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “He is running to represent New Hampshire women in the United States Senate. If he thinks he can get away with hiding until we all just go away, then he doesn’t understand women and he certainly doesn’t understand New Hampshire.”